Performing Arts Accounting Services

We have a particular passion for businesses in the Performing Arts industry and offer specialised accounting services for this sector.

Accountants for the Performing Arts Industry | Atek Accounting

Supporting Performing Arts Businesses

As a business leader in this creative, dynamic industry, you need to know that your tax and accounting matters are under control so you can focus on the myriad of demands on your time.

Our Performing Arts companies tell us their top priorities include:

  • Managing cash flow efficiently across projects.

  • Handling royalties, payroll, invoicing, and other admin tasks efficiently.

  • Better understanding of the financials to make smarter decisions.

  • Forecasting for future planning.

We serve businesses across the Performing Arts sector, including:

Accountants for the Performing Arts Industry | Atek Accounting

The unique nature of this industry can make accounting and financial management challenging. We can help.

Accountants for the Performing Arts Industry | Atek Accounting

We can help you get control of and understand your finances so you can stay busy teaching and inspiring performers.

Accountants for the Performing Arts Industry | Atek Accounting

We help your business reach its potential while you focus on helping your clients reach theirs.

Why choose ATEK?

Expert Strategic Advice

We partner with you to help you better understand your financial position so you can make informed decisions that are right for your company.

Friendly Approach

While each of our clients has direct access to an energetic, dedicated, and experienced accountant, the whole team is on hand to help.

We Care About Your Vision

Although it sounds trite, it’s true. We genuinely care and believe in the vision and aspirations our clients have.

We Can Help You…

  • Forecast financials to determine the profitability of a potential project.

  • Budget effectively for day-to-day costs while planning future projects.

  • Ensure you are tax-efficient and not overpaying.

  • Develop investor packs to help secure funding.

Education in the Performing Arts sector

Does your business provide education in the performing arts? If yes, we can help clarify the rules around VAT on tuition fees. If you’re offering dance lessons, drama classes, or theatre education, we can review your structure to determine the best approach for your invoicing process. Contact us for more information.

Businesses in the Performing Arts sector include:

Theatre & Production: Show concepts, commercial theatre, dinner theatre, theatre startups, digital theatre, interactive theatre, production companies, branded dance troupes, and theatre touring groups.

Performing Arts Schools: Dance schools, drama schools, dance studios, stage schools, acting schools, theatre training, performing arts studios, and film schools.

Talent Agencies

We make it easy to get started with Atek, whether you’ve reached the stage of needing an accountant for the first time or you are looking to switch from your current accountant.

Having attended stage school for many years, I have a personal passion for the Performing Arts and love to work with businesses in this space.

Kerrie Jenkins, Owner and Director of Atek