Events Management Accounting Services

The Events Management industry in the UK is rebounding. It is more important than ever for businesses in this growing industry to have a deep understanding of their financial position and a plan for the future.

Accountants for Events Management | Atek Accounting

Supporting the Events Management Industry

From our offices in Weybridge and Soho, we offer trusted and experienced accounting services to businesses in the Events Management space.

We are not an old-fashioned, sit-in-the-back-filing-papers accounting firm. We offer support to help with everything from front-line accounts payable queries from freelancers to cash flow forecasting that acknowledges the possibility of disruption.

Importantly for the Events industry, we:

  • tailor the level of support we provide to quickly scale up or down as needed for your requirements,
  • are friendly, energetic people who care and actively engage with our clients, and
  • use Xero and other professional systems for efficient and seamless processing.

Our Events Management clients trust us to respond quickly, accurately, and with a genuine understanding of their objectives and long-term goals.

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Why choose ATEK?

Expert Strategic Advice

We partner with you to help you better understand your financial position so you can make informed decisions that are right for your company.

Friendly Approach

While each of our clients has direct access to an energetic, dedicated, and experienced accountant, the whole team is on hand to help.

We Care About Your Vision

Although it sounds trite, it’s true. We genuinely care and believe in the vision and aspirations our clients have.

We Can Help You…

  • Forecast financials to determine the profitability of a potential event.

  • Budget effectively for day-to-day costs.

  • Ensure you are tax-efficient and not overpaying.

  • Manage cashflow and find opportunities for growth you may not see.

We make it easy to get started with Atek, whether you’ve reached the stage of needing an accountant for the first time or you are looking to switch from your current accountant.

Businesses in the Events Management sector include

  • Events Organisers for: Exhibitions and Fairs; Festivals; Conferences; Corporate Events, Trade Shows, Concerts & Music Events, Celebrity & Private Parties, Sports, Charities, Weddings, Fashion Events, Seminars, Workshops.
  • Ticketing Agencies and Ticketing Platforms

“We chose Atek because of the vibe – they are nice, normal people to work with. They genuinely care about our business, and we know we can rely on them 100%.”