Our Story

As a small business ourselves, we understand the journey and enjoy working with business owners to achieve the goals that they’ve set for themselves and their businesses.

Our Story | Atek Accounting

Accountants and Bookkeepers in Surrey and London

With offices in Weybridge and Soho, we are a team of experienced accountants and bookkeepers who love accounting (really!) and are a friendly, personal, and energetic bunch. We don’t just file paperwork (most anyone can do that) – we really get to know your accounts, your business, and most importantly, you. This work ethic underpins all of our activities and ensures we are engaged with your business to provide the support you really need.

Where did the Atek name come from? Kerrie began Atek to achieve family balance, and the Atek name is comprised of the starting letters of her family’s names – Andrew, Tim, Emma, and Kerrie.

Kerrie Jenkins, Owner and Director

Kerrie started Atek after a career in corporate accounting with an early foray into theatre as a dancer and dance teacher. She brings a wealth of experience in supporting start-ups and small companies and can easily make sense of the maze of accounting issues facing growing businesses. Having also worked with publicly listed companies, Kerrie’s commercial awareness helps businesses see the bigger picture while keeping in touch with the tight cash restrictions often suffered by small enterprises.

Our Story | Atek Accounting

“Atek’s strengths are their friendliness and the way they help with anything, even if it seems simple; they never make me feel like I’m wasting their time.”

Our Story | Atek Accounting

We welcome you to our offices to meet our experienced team. Come join us for a cup of…


Business owner and staff motivator.

Our Story | Atek Accounting

Coffee black


Accountant with an eye for detail

Our Story | Atek Accounting



Accountant with passion for results

Our Story | Atek Accounting

Coffee black


Bookkeeper with infectious energy

Our Story | Atek Accounting

Hot chocolate


Bookkeeper with steadfast attention

Our Story | Atek Accounting

Peppermint tea


Marketing support with a smile

Our Story | Atek Accounting

Latte with one sugar


Superhero ‘SEO Joe’

Our Story | Atek Accounting

Flat white coffee