Tech, Digital & Creative Accounting Services

At Atek, we have the expertise to offer specialist accounting services for technology companies, particularly in the digital and creative space.

Tech, Digital & Creative Accountants in Surrey, London | Atek Accounting

Supporting the Tech, Digital & Creative Sector in Surrey and London

This industry is renowned for its fast pace and constant change – all tech businesses need to keep up and ensure they are in a financial position to drive their businesses forward.

An experienced accountant can help you by offering appropriate strategic accounting tools and advice you can trust. At Atek, we provide specialist accountancy support to both early-stage and well-established tech firms.

Our tech, digital, and creative companies tell us their top priorities include:

  • Financing growth.

  • Delivering work on schedule, on budget, and to specification.

  • Managing their time to meet investor and customer demands.

  • Ensuring cash flow is adequate to pay staff and keep the business moving forward.

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If you’re not making as much money as you’d like to, it’s time to fix the mistakes that are eating into your profits.

Tech, Digital & Creative Accountants in Surrey, London | Atek Accounting

6 Costly Mistakes Tech Businesses Make

We serve businesses across the tech, digital and creative sector, including:

Tech, Digital & Creative Accountants in Surrey, London | Atek Accounting

One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses in this sector is keeping up with the pace of their business growth.

Tech, Digital & Creative Accountants in Surrey, London | Atek Accounting

With stiff competition and shifting regulations, staying ahead of the game can be a challenge.

Tech, Digital & Creative Accountants in Surrey, London | Atek Accounting

Digital innovation is transforming the way companies work. It’s vital to keep on top of your financials to thrive in this industry.

Why choose ATEK?

Expert Strategic Advice

We partner with you to help you better understand your financial position so you can make informed decisions that are right for your company.

Friendly Approach

While each of our clients has direct access to an energetic, dedicated, and experienced accountant, the whole team is on hand to help.

We Care About Your Vision

Although it sounds trite, it’s true. We genuinely care and believe in the vision and aspirations our clients have.

Our growing client base of tech, digital and creative companies includes:

  • Software and App Development Businesses: Software design, App development, eCommerce, Digital platform innovators, SaaS providers, Tech startups, Investor-backed companies, and Seed companies.
  • Communication Technology Firms: Telecommunication firms; Network solution specialists; Cybersecurity experts; Telephone, wireless, broadband & VOIP providers.
  • Digital and Creative Businesses: Digital agencies, Website design firms, Visual effects houses, Animation production companies, and Market research firms

We make it easy to get started with Atek, whether you’ve reached the stage of needing an accountant for the first time or you are looking to switch from your current accountant.

R&D Tax Credits

R&D Tax Credits offer incentives for many businesses in the Tech, Digital and Creative sectors. The key to accessing these incentives is getting the right advice. You need to understand the full range of R&D activities and projects that qualify for government support. Contact us for more information.

We outsourced our Financial Controller function to Atek Accounting about 3 years ago, and they’ve really become part of our team. Kerrie brings a wealth of financial expertise and is inquisitive and keenly interested in my business.