Value Added Services

Our value added services for planning and forecasting is the key to financial peace of mind


Our value added services are focused on making sure you earn more money and keep more of that money for you and your business.

Too many businesses fail to perform to their true potential because there are things happening beneath the surface that the owner doesn’t become aware of until it’s too late. With our finance planning, forecasting and review services and preparation of monthly management accounts, we can ensure that the key information is right in front of you.

Running a successful business is all about making the right decisions. With the right planning and up to date information, decisions can be based on current and expected performance and direction. These decisions can ultimately decide whether you succeed or fail.

We offer a range of value-added services designed specifically to match your business and requirements…

Management Accounts

Keep on top of your finances with our monthly, quarterly or annual package- you choose!

Forecasting & Budgeting

Our detailed business modelling will help you to understand your business and plan for future growth

Cashflow Forecasting

We providing visibility of your cash position at anytime

R&D Tax Credits

We have the experience to assist innovative business to prepare R&D tax credit applications for a successful outcome.

Business Advice

Providing business advice and sales planning to business start up’s and companies looking to expand.

Accounting Healthcheck

We can conduct a finance process health check and advice on method and systems to improve efficiencies

Management Accounts

With regular bookkeeping and finance admin in place, our accounts team can use this up to date financial information to prepare regular management accounts. Management accounts can be prepared on a monthly or quarterly basis, which will help you monitor your progress against your budget as well as improving your ability to chase trade debtors and keep track of suppliers’ invoices.


Cashflow is the lifeblood of any small business. It really does not matter how well you think your business is doing, it simply will not survive if there is more cash going out than money coming in – whatever the reasons. Running out of money without realising it, is the worst thing that can happen to a business. So looking ahead is crucial.

In simple terms, cash flow forecasting is about predicting future levels of cash to ensure your business has enough to survive on. The result of a cashflow forecast is an estimated bank balance at the end of each period covered. When done effectively, cash flow forecasting can even work seasonally, meaning that you can plan for specific variations in cost depending on the time of year.

Forecasts and Budgets

We can help you to create realistic financial forecasts and budgets. Planning and forecasting is the key to financial peace of mind, and at Atek we know it is one of the main stepping stones to a successful business. We can provide you with financial forecasting to suit your requirements: either in terms of managing your monthly cash flow forecast, or perhaps preparing a 5 year plan for potential investors.

Near the end of their financial year, many of our clients like us to help them put together a budget for the following year, either in aggregate or on a monthly or quarterly basis. Budgeting can be an excellent way of making sure revenue milestones are achieved and costs are kept under control and in line with expectations.

Business Planning

We can help you put together a well-considered business plan which will allow you to plan and formulate realistic and accurate forecasts. We will then use this information to create a financial model that will tie these financial projections to your cash flow statement and balance sheet.

For businesses looking to raise external investment, a good business plan is the key to demonstrating your commercial credibility.

"Failing to plan is planning to fail"

We want to turn that uncertainly into a structured plan, a clear vision of your future that can be acted upon and achieved. We don’t just want you to be successful, as an Atek client, your success becomes our business.

So go ahead.